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Queen's Baton Relay
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International Itinerary

Marina Primary School, Banjul line the streets to watch the baton pass by.The Melbourne 2006 Queen's Baton travelled more than 180,000 kilometres and visited all 71 nations of the Commonwealth in one year and one day. This was a world first: no Games relay has ever visited all member nations. This made the Melbourne 2006 Queen’s Baton Relay the world’s longest, most inclusive relay.

For information about the relay route in Australia please use the link below.

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Please note: the distances listed below are approximations, based on the transit of the baton from country to country and should be used as a guide only. Within each destination, the batton will travel additional kilometres by relay runners and on various modes of transport.
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DateCountryThe Baton travels
14 March 2005England231km West to reach Cardiff, Wales
18 March 2005Wales309km North on to Douglas, Isle of Man
21 March 2005Isle of Man106kms North to reach Belfast, Northern Ireland
24 March 2005Northern Ireland178km South East and on to Glasgow, Scotland
27 March 2005Scotland722km South to reach Saint Peter Port, Guernsey
31 March 2005Guernsey1499kms South towards Gibraltar
03 April 2005Gibraltar3,509km East and on to Larnaca, Cyprus
07 April 2005Cyprus1,734km West towards Valetta, Malta
10 April 2005Malta2,001km North West in the direction of St Helier, Jersey
12 April 2005Jersey295km North back to London, England
15 April 2005England4,487km South West and on to Banjul, Gambia
20 April 2005The Gambia661km South East towards Freetown, Sierra Leone
23 April 2005Sierra Leone1,474km South East to reach Accra, Ghana
25 April 2005Ghana618km North East and on to Abuja, Nigeria
29 April 2005Nigeria1,169km South East in the direction of Douala, Cameroon
01 May 2005Cameroon2,370km South East towards Entebbe, Uganda
04 May 2005Uganda508km east-southeast and on to Nairobi, Kenya
07 May 2005Kenya3,188km South West in the direction of Windhoek, Namibia
10 May 2005Namibia2,850km North West towards Jamestown on the remote island of St Helena
17 May 2005St Helena7,855km east-southeast on its way to Port Louis, Mauritius
01 June 2005Mauritius1,732km North in the direction of Victoria, Seychelles
05 June 2005Seychelles1,752km West and on to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
10 June 2005Tanzania2,464km South West approaching Johannesburg, South Africa
13 June 2005South Africa1,483km North East towards Lilongwe, Malawi
18 June 2005Malawi613km West in the direction of Lusaka, Zambia
20 June 2005Zambia1256kms South East and on to Maputo, Mozambique
22 June 2005Mozambique686kms South West approaching Gaborone, Botswana
24 June 2005Botswana555km east-southeast to arrive in Manzini, Swaziland
26 June 2005Swaziland432km South towards Maseru, Lesotho
28 June 2005Lesotho10,499km North West and on to Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
01 July 2005Trinidad and Tobago565km South East and approaches Georgetown, Guyana
05 July 2005Guyana718km North towards Bridgetown, Barbados
08 July 2005Barbados259kms West in the direction of St Georges, Grenada
11 July 2005Grenada133km north-northeast to St Vincent, St Vincent & The Grenadines
14 July 2005St Vincent and the Grenadines72km north-northeast towards Castries, St Lucia
17 July 2005St Lucia150km North in the direction of Roseau, Dominica
20 July 2005Dominica100km North approaching Plymouth, Montserrat
23 July 2005Montserrat110km West in the direction of Kingston, Jamaica
27 July 2005Jamaica784km North towards Nassau, Bahamas
30 July 2005Bahamas759km east-southeast to the islands of Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos
02 August 2005Turks and Caicos Islands1,093km West towards George Town, Cayman Islands
05 August 2005Cayman Islands846km west-southwest arriving in Belmopan, Belize
08 August 2005Belize2853kms East and on to St Johns, Antigua & Barbuda
12 August 2005Antigua and Barbuda423km East towards Basseterre, St Kitts & Nevis
15 August 2005St Kitts and Nevis107km North in the direction of The Valley, Anguilla
18 August 2005Anguilla300km West approaching Road Town, British Virgin Islands
21 August 2005British Virgin Islands1,350km North and on to Hamilton, Bermuda
24 August 2005Bermuda9,343km South towards Stanley, Falkland Islands
28 August 2005Falkland Islands10,902km north-northwest in the direction of Ottawa, Canada
03 September 2005Canada10,685km East towards Islamabad, Pakistan
10 September 2005Pakistan679km South East and on to New Delhi, India
13 September 2005India1,426km South East in the direction of Dhaka, Bangladesh
17 September 2005Bangladesh2183kms South West and approaches Colombo, Sri Lanka
20 September 2005Sri Lanka766km West towards Male, Maldives
23 September 2005Maldives3133kms East and on to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
26 September 2005Malaysia1481kms North East in the direction of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
30 September 2005Brunei Darussalam1,294km South West and approaches Singapore
03 October 2005Singapore4,949km South East towards Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
09 October 2005Papua New Guinea2,505km east-southeast and on to Port Vila, Vanuatu
15 October 2005Vanuatu850km South East towards Funafuti, Tuvalu
24 October 2005Tuvalu950km South East and arrives in Apia, Samoa
31 October 2005Samoa611km South West approaching Alofi, Niue
07 November 2005Niue599kms South East until arriving in Nuku’alofa, Tonga
14 November 2005TongaNorth West to Honiara, Solomon Islands
18 November 2005Solomon Islands800km North East and on to Nauru
21 November 2005Nauru9,750km East across to Tarawa, Kiribati
24 November 2005Kiribati8,000km South East towards isolated Australian Antarctic Territory
02 December 2005Australian Antarctic TerritoryMore than 7,000km North East towards Suva, Fiji
03 January 2006Fiji11,191km East across to Rarotonga, Cook Islands
06 January 2006Cook Islands4,850km South West and on to Kingston, Norfolk Island
15 January 2006Norfolk Island950km South on the direction of Auckland, New Zealand
18 January 2006New Zealand2,157km North West approaching its final destination, Australia
24 January 2006AustraliaAustralian Sector Itinerary

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