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Queen's Baton Relay
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Melbourne band 'NORTH' records official Queen's Baton Relay song

Melbourne band NORTHFour-piece Melbourne group NORTH have recorded a special version of their song ‘I am Strong’ for the Games Queen’s Baton Relay.


NORTH are four local musicians from Melbourne, Australia - Alf, Beau, Joel and Thanh - doing their own thing in the music business.

NORTH write their own songs, produce their music, choreograph their dancing and style their 'look'. The four guys all have their vital roles in NORTH. Alf writes, as well as produces the music. Thanh writes and provides the singing arranging and coaching for the group. Beau and Joel provide all the inspiration for the styling, choreography and stage act. They also contribute to the music and lyrics. The guys have crafted everything you see and hear of NORTH.

NORTH has already released its first album – North – which included two number one hits in Indonesia and Thailand. The four did their first promo tour of the Asian region in August and September 2004, signing more than 12,000 autographs, giving 37 radio interviews, making 18 TV appearances and appearing in more than 180 press articles! After finishing the Asian tour, the boys all came back home to Melbourne and headed straight into their studios.

They’ve been writing and working on their music for the last 10 months.

NORTH has recently been offered a record deal with EMI Asia, which includes China, Taiwan and South Korea. The boys are all very excited about the release of their second album, as it will portray their new edgier look and also their new sound. The second album will be including songs written by the boys but also songs co-written with top named songwriters.

NORTH recognises the problems in the global music industry (‘ripping off’ CDs, pirate copies or illegal downloads) but have sought to keep abreast of the latest technologies to get their music heard. "We are constantly surprised by people asking us to sign pirated copies of our first album", recalls Alf. "But it is great to meet the fans and perform our own music, no one can copy that! And it will be very satisfying to return with our new material too.”

NORTH intends releasing its new album in other parts of the world soon, but is determined to retain its independence and musical integrity along the way. "We are very proud of our music and live performances. There is always something for everyone and, yes, we sing live!”

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'I am Strong' lyrics

Verse 1

There was a time when it was hard to see
A future out in front where I am free
But then I found the fire
The strength, the heart's desire
Bring it on, can't go wrong, I am strong


I am young, hear me cry
Tell the world that I can fly
I believe, we have the strength to carry on
I will say, hear me pray
Now I'm free, I am on my way
I will fight, I am brave, I am strong

Verse 2

I said one day that I would show them all
And now I've shown the world that I stand tall
And now I've found the fire
The will to go much higher
Bring it on, can't go wrong, I am strong


Listen to the things they have to say
Take it all in for another day
Take another breath, it will be okay
Bring it on, can't go wrong, I am strong

Written by Tim Long and NORTH
Performed by NORTH
Published by NORTH Music

Alf Tuohey

Recording and mixing
2E Studios, Footscray, Victoria

Pete Williamson and Danny Dharumasena

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