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Queen's Baton Relay
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Commonwealth Games Federation

Commonwealth Games Federation
At the heart of the CGF’s work is the will to dynamically promote and celebrate a unique, friendly, world class Games. The CGF’s role stretches beyond facilitation of the Commonwealth Games - indeed the continuing success of the Games has helped to influence the outreach of the Commonwealth and to strengthen its bonds. As a means of improving society and the general well being of the people of member nations, the Federation also encourages and assists education via sport development and physical recreation throughout the Commonwealth.

Underlying every decision made by the CGF are three core values: Humanity, Equality and Destiny. These values help to inspire and unite millions of people and they symbolise the broad mandate of the CGF within the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) supports the Melbourne 2006 Queen’s Baton Relay through its extensive network of member associations, which are planning, promoting and hosting hundreds of local Queen’s Baton relays and community celebrations in the 70 nations en route to Australia.

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