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Highlights Package Day 40 Transcript

As day breaks, former Victorian jumps jockey Peter Delaney carries the Queen's Baton along the beach at Warrnambool upon 9-year-old galloper Woodful.

The Baton is exchanged on the beach, as Peter Delaney hands it to the second runner for day 40, Bruce Owen.

Bruce Owen runs his leg along the beach with a crowd of children trailing.

Runner John Coyle shows off the Queen???s Baton to the staff in historic fancy dress at the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum.

John Coyle and Gayle Payne pose for photos as they exchange the Queen???s Baton at the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum in Warrnambool.

Gayle Payne waves to the crowds lining the streets as she makes her way to the Lighthouse at Warrnambool.

The Queen???s Baton makes its way through the streets of Warrnambool.

Sophie O'Keeffe takes the Queen???s Baton along the boardwalk in her home town of Port Fairy.

Starting at Martins Point Reserve, Niamh Mooney carries the Queen's Baton through Port Fairy.

Gordon Noble carries the Queen's Baton through the scenic Griffiths Islands Reserve in Port Fairy.

Kevin Holmes runs through the Codrington Wind Farm near Port Fairy with the Melbourne 2006 Queen's Baton.

Lynn Kenneth Murrell carries the Baton on the historic Cable Tram in Portland.

The Baton makes its way through Portland, Heywood, Branxholme and then to Hamilton.

Stroke Hugh Williams of the Hamilton Rowing Club carries the Baton with his crew on Hamilton Lake.

Final runner for day 40, Phillip Anderson, carries the Queen???s Baton through the huge crowd gathered for the opening ceremony in Hamilton.

Video ends

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